Ecological colours – a natural choice

When you have decided to colour your hair with organic plant based colourants, there are a number of factors that differ from traditional chemical colouring.

This is how it works:

At your first visit we begin with listening to your wishes. We analyze your hair and your scalp to achieve best possible result. Because everybody´s hair is different, you will get a unique colour composed especially for you.

First we start with a deepcleansing clay treatment to remove chemicals and other impurities, then the colour mixture, which mostly is warm and resembles youghurt, is applied. The time of action varies from 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on what result you wish to achieve.

The first few days after colouring your hair you need to avoid washing it, because the plant colour then “ripens”. You will not see the final result until after 2-3 days.

If you have any questions about our products or you are just generally interested in ecological haircolouring, you are welcome to call 06/3177766 or pass by the hair salon.


Before you colour your hair with plant colours for the first time, it is important to start with a deepcleansing treatment. We use different types of clay, which absorb water very well and this way we make the hair and scalp really clean. The clay removes chemicals, metal residue and impurities to gain best possible result concerning both colour and durability.

Ecological colours

We are using different plants and herbs, such as Henna, Indigo, Casia, Amla, Walnut, Salvia etc. To create the right tone of colour we weigh all the plants per gram. These will then be mixed with water and a decoction of different cones and herbs. Plant colours will colour the hair in a natural and gentle way. The hair will get an incredibly beautiful lustre and shines in fantastic nuances. The final result depends on your own pigments and the structure, condition and earlier treatments of your hair as well as your own amount of grey hair.


When we lighten hair we use a colour, which consists of natural clay mixed with pure peroxide (La Cordier Claylightening). This colour lightens your hair in a mild and gentle way and the nuances will be naturally shining. The pure peroxide will not pollute the environment and does not contain allergenic or carcinogenic substances. The colour is also free from emulsifiers and preservatives.