(Hairdresser, organic colorist)
Originally from South Korea, Jina is the founder of Mimo. With over 20 years of experience, she likes challenges and is always looking for a different and more creative way of cutting and coloring hair. Jina is also specialized in organic coloring and feels the responsibility to raise awareness amongst her clients. Jina speaks Korean, Swedish, Finnish and English.


(Hairdresser, organic colorist)
Peter is from Uusikarlepyy. During more than 30 years in the business, he has worked at several salons, both in Finland and abroad. He has also been involved in film and theater, which also lies close to his heart. Peter speaks Swedish, Finnish and English.


Bea comes from Hanko, and she moved to Vaasa to study hairdressing in 1993. She has been a part of the team since 2014. She likes all kinds of hair-related work, but especially new coloring techniques. Bea speaks Swedish, Finnish and English.


Thu is born in Tornio, and now living in Närpiö. Her talent was noticed during her internship at the salon in 2012, and since then, she has been a given part of our team. In addition to haircuts and coloring, she loves hairstyling, updos, and manicures. Thu speaks Swedish, Vietnamese, English and Finnish.


Kati comes from Parainen, and she moved to Vaasa to study hairdressing in 1995. Kati joined our team in 2016. She is an outgoing and happy person, who loves her job. She enjoys creating a whole look by using cutting and coloring, and especially highlights. Kati speaks Finnish and Swedish.


(Make-up artist, estenom)
Valeria moved to Petolahti from Russia at the age of 11. She has a degree in beauty, and she is our makeup artist. She has a passion for everything beauty related, especially make up and fashion. Valeria speaks Russian, Swedish, English and Finnish.


(Hairdresser student)
Thao is currently studying to become a hairdresser, and you can only describe her as overflowing with energy and joy! She moved to Närpes from Vietnam as a 15-year-old to fulfill her dream - to work with the art of shaping and styling hair. Thao has already been with us for two years as a trainee. She will soon also be able to do eco hair treatments. Thao speaks Vietnamese, English and Swedish.


Our newest member in the salon, Moona, freshly graduated from ”VAMIA” in Spring 2020. She loves working with blonde hair and trying out new and trendy techniques for balayage or highlighted looks. Finnish is Moona’s preferred language.


(Hairdresser student)
Sabiha is an intern at Mimo since the fall of 2018, and she graduated in 2020. She moved to Maalahti from Bosnia when she was six years old. She enjoys learning new techniques of cutting, coloring and styling, and strives to be a creative hairdresser. Sabiha speaks Bosnian, Swedish and English.